About Us

Assalaam-u-Alaikum and Welcome to Jashn Clothing!

Based in the UK, Alhamdulillah, we offer the best quality and the most comfortable Islamic Designer Clothes including Mens’ Jubbahs, Womens’ Abayas, Hijabs, Bonnets, Prayer Hats and Shawls available at reasonable prices.

Apart from modest Islamic apparel, our product range also includes Islamic accessories and utilities like Compasses, used to locate the direction of Baitullah for Salaah, no matter where you are. Islamic Fragrances for both men & women in order to fulfil the Sunnah, as well as Prayer Mats and Tasbeehs used to fulfil obligations of Allah.

Do not forget to check out our Islamic Clothes available for sale including the latest range of mens’ Jubbahs and waistcoat collection alongside womens’ collection of plain and occasion-wear Abayas, Modern Jilbab Cardigan and other items like tasbeehs. All these items are of fine quality, available at very low prices.

To commence any purchases, we offer you a facility to register for an account with us, which enables you to have more in-depth information about any purchases you make.

If you do not find any items in any of the mentioned categories in the website, they will be available soon Insha’Allah. We aim to serve you the best way we can and therefore we try to make our products more accessible to you through our website.

We pray that may Allah bless your purchases with Barakah.

For any suggestions, complains and feedback regarding our services and products, please contact us through the tab mentioned below.